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Our process unleashes the power within your company, creating a more productive and efficient workplace. Our customers rely on us to provide expertise on all aspects of the long-term care insustry.  Our experts will work with you closely through our four-step processs.

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Step 1 - Getting to Know You

Caretech Group begins each project by ensuring that our team is familiar with the customer’s facility. We personally visit the facility, introduce our program and advantages, meet with the facility administrator, and schedule calls to introduce all Caretech Group department heads.

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Step 2 - Finding Solutions

Once it has been decided which departments you will be using Caretech Group to improve, we review the census data, invoices, and A/P reports to determine how much of a certain supply your facility needs on hand, how much you’re spending on it, and how that spending relates to the industry standard.

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Step 3 -Review

Next, we review order sheets, make product suggestions, and create a Customized Order Guide using lockdown formularies tailored to your facility’s exact needs. Meanwhile, our Customer Service team and Sales Managers are coordinating with existing vendors and introducing your facility to new vendors.

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Step 4 - Finalize Plan of Action

Week two is all about finalizing the plan of action and preparing for implementation. We notify existing vendors about Caretech Group with a letter, set up any new vendors, finalize the budget, open an account for your facility in our database, and provide software training for all department heads.

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Step 5 - Implementation

Finally, Caretech Group will review and implement your customized order schedule, assign your facility a dedicated Account Manager, and place the first orders.

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Step 6 - Customer Service

The ongoing customer care we provide is unparalleled. We take pride in taking care of not only our clients but also everyone in the care facility. You'll have a full team ready to support your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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