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Food Services

Caretech Solutions

Food Services

Satisfying your patients’ dietary and nutritional requirements shouldn’t be a struggle. Caretech Group can help. Caretech Group simplifies the procurement process and makes it easy for healthcare facilities to maximize efficiency, reduce the cost, and improve the quality of their residents’ dining experience.

Expense Management

Caretech Group will review your menu, invoices, and current vendors and create a customized order sheet that works all necessary raw foods, prepared meals, disposable supplies and cleaning supplies into the budget.

Expert Personnel

Our procurement experts do the legwork so our clients don’t have to. We travel to trade shows and industry events, sniffing out the latest products, services and suppliers to introduce seamlessly into your facility’s supply chain.

Caretrak™ System Software

Caretech Group’s advanced analytics software provides tracks performance indicators and produces easy-to-read reports that help our clients track spending and reach their budgetary goals.

Specialty Products and Devices

If your facility has unique dietary needs, Caretech Group can help you meet them with less hassle. Our procurement experts have extensive experience helping facilities meet demanding dietary requirements, including Glatt Kosher and others, while staying within budget.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Caretech Group can help to reduce expenses and reconcile budgets in any area of your facility, and identify and eliminate sources of waste of which you weren’t even aware.

We go in, pull all the facility’s information, and provide actionable advice and, most importantly, access to whatever is needed—products, software, or services.

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