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Wound Care Solutions

Caretech Solutions

Wound Care

Keeping your facility safe, well-maintained, and running smoothly is imperative for wound care. Caretech Group is now offering end to end wound care solutions. Did you know 6.5 million people in the U.S are diagnosed with chronic wounds every year? 29% of LTC patients develop pressure wounds because of lack of care and training. We have 3 easy steps to avoid unnecessary discharges and readmissions


Utilizing skin regimens, nutritional supplements, therapeutic support surfaces, and education-related tools decreases wound onset.

  • Mattresses, Pads & Sensors

  • Asset Management Software

  • Cleansing & Skin Management


Technology and best practices guide and assist clinicians with identification of wound conditions and result in better, customized treatment plans.

  • Telehealth to Assist Clinicians

  • Wound Care Management and Treatment Software

Caretrak™ System Software

Negative pressure pumps, proper skin care protocols and trained staff result in improved healing rates and patient outcomes.


  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Negative Pressure Pumps (NPWT)

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Caretech Group can help to reduce expenses and reconcile budgets in any area of your facility, and identify and eliminate sources of waste of which you weren’t even aware.

We go in, pull all the facility’s information, and provide actionable advice and, most importantly, access to whatever is needed—products, software, or services.

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