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A New Standard of

Environmental Services 

Keeping your facility safe, well-maintained, and running smoothly doesn’t mean you should break your budget. Caretech Group knows that smart buying isn’t just about finding the cheapest vendors; it’s about understanding a facility’s exact needs, evaluating its spending habits, and finding products and services that increase independence and reduce costs. - Learn more

Food Services

Satisfying your patients’ dietary and nutritional requirements shouldn’t be a struggle. Caretech Group simplifies the procurement process and makes it easy for healthcare facilities to maximize efficiency, reduce the cost, and improve the quality of their residents’ dining experience. - Learn more

Medical Supplies

Giving your care providers the best tools at maximum value is possible with Caretech Group. We understand that vital Medical supplies need to be available at all times. We help healthcare facilities break their reliance on standing orders without putting their supply chain or their patients’ care at risk. - Learn more

Office Supplies & Equipment

Running an efficient business begins with a well-organized, well-supplied office. Caretech Group makes sure your supplies don’t become a source of waste. As your purchasing partner, Caretech Group provides everything from vendor screening and management to consulting. - Learn more

Wound Care

Keeping your facility safe, well-maintained, and running smoothly is imperative for wound care. Caretech Group is now offering end-to-end wound care solutions. Did you know 6.5 million people in the U.S are diagnosed with chronic wounds every year? 29% of LTC patients develop pressure wounds because of a lack of care and training. We can help and support your wound care needs. - Learn more

Sensor Technology

Sensors continue to enable medical professionals and patients the ability to monitor and track conditions.  The miniaturization, customization, and integration of multiple sensors in a single device allow for more data to be taken in more applications. We offer sensor technology, temperature control, Ozone and purifier technology.

Learn more

Premium Auditing Services

Meet AdvoQates, your trusted partner in insurance premium audit representation. their auditors leverage the very same tools employed by insurance carriers and their auditing teams. Leveling the playing field ensures you benefit from financial savings and enjoy peace of mind by never paying unnecessary insurance premiums.

Partner with AdvoQates for unparalleled support in navigating the complexities of insurance premium audits

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Caretech Group can help to reduce expenses and reconcile budgets in any area of your facility, and identify and eliminate sources of waste of which you weren’t even aware.

We go in, pull all the facility’s information, and provide actionable advice and, most importantly, access to whatever is needed—products, software, or services.

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