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Office Supplies & Equipment

Caretech Solutions

Office Supplies & Equipment

Running an efficient business begins with a well-organized, well-supplied office. Caretech Group makes sure your supplies don’t become a source of waste. As your purchasing partner, Caretech Group provides everything from vendor screening and management to consulting. Equip your office staff with all the tools they need to run an efficient, lean business, and enjoy the support of seasoned healthcare experts.

Expense Management

The procurement of disposable supplies like paper, folders, pens and pencils can turn into an incredibly costly source of waste when spending isn’t reviewed and reconciled. Our staff will create a budget and a lockdown formulary to optimize the procurement of all office supplies and equipment your facility needs.

Expert Personnel

Our purchasing professionals perform strict due diligence to ensure that vendors never play games with prices or substitute products. We value honesty and integrity and only work with the most trusted vendors in the nation.

Caretrak™ System Software

Our analytics software gives purchasing directors the power to produce instant reports that detail spending across the entire facility and by department. Caretrak™ has no user limit and we provide training for new office staff, which means more stakeholders have access to essential spend data.

Value Adding Services

Through our sister company, Prime Source GPO, and our many vendor contacts, we have access to many ancillary opportunities, including reduced costs on deliveries, ordering, and printing, discounts on advanced software packages, and much more.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Caretech Group can help to reduce expenses and reconcile budgets in any area of your facility, and identify and eliminate sources of waste of which you weren’t even aware.

We go in, pull all the facility’s information, and provide actionable advice and, most importantly, access to whatever is needed—products, software, or services.

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