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Tech Solutions


Technology Solutions

Keeping your facility safe, well-maintained, and running smoothly doesn’t mean you should break your budget. Caretech Group knows that smart buying isn’t just about finding the cheapest vendors; it’s about understanding a facility’s exact needs, evaluating its spending habits, and finding products and services that increase independence and reduce costs.

Sensor Technology

Choose from a variety of easy-to-deploy sensors that connect wirelessly to a single gateway to create a custom solution that answers the operational needs of your business and allows you to build on your investment. Our sensors include Temperature Monitoring, Panic Buttons, Leak Detections, Indoor Asset Tracking, HVAC Monitoring, Room Airflow, Indoor Air Quality and more. See our brochure Here

Premium Auditing Services

Meet AdvoQates, your trusted partner in insurance premium audit representation. Brought to you by Caretech, we bring you expert services that go beyond the conventional. Our auditors leverage the very same tools and resources employed by insurance carriers and their auditing teams.nitor the ozone levels, and it is remotely monitored and controlled interactively 24/7/365 to ensure maximum effectiveness and consistent concentration levels. Clean air for your facility, staff and patients all year long.

Software & Analytics

Our advanced analytics software keeps you connected to hard spending data and simplifies budgeting and reporting. Caretrak™ is scalable to your facility’s needs and customizable by department for increased visibility.

Energy Management

Achieve Balance, Eliminate Waste.

In many healthcare facilities, a gap exists between  business processes, technological tools and the purchasing personnel. The result is runaway spending, supply levels and supply needs that are difficult to discern, a lack of spending reconciliation, and purchasing decisions being made without a full understanding of how they affect a budget.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Caretech Group can help to reduce expenses and reconcile budgets in any area of your facility, and identify and eliminate sources of waste of which you weren’t even aware.

We go in, pull all the facility’s information, and provide actionable advice and, most importantly, access to whatever is needed—products, software, or services.

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